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About Us
      About Us  

EduPillar is a professionally managed group of dedicated people working towards the cause of education. For past 15 years, we have been contributing to the field of education in various forms such as formal classroom training, published content, CBTs, WBTs etc. Having rich experience in formal education and its associated fields, online and virtual education is our next natural step with the aim of reaching to diverse student community across India and globe.

Education group is dedicated to providing dynamic online education support system using superior technology and wealth or teaching experience to enhance the student’s learning and make it far easier to access and avail. The primary areas of academic focus at EduPillar are school education (mainly for secondary and senior secondary classes), professional courses (such as computer programming languages) and engineering courses initially. The core objective of this venture is to address the key educational support needs of student community without any boundation of location and timings. EduPillar’s online education portal intends to provide the students learning resources beyond its physical networks. Thus students can avail it 24X7 at their preferred location and time without much of investment.
      Leadership Team  

Sumita Arora

M. Tech(IT). Mrs. Sumita Arora has been in the field of teaching computer science for last 15 years. She has also authored computer science books for secondary, senior secondary, college and engineering level students. She is known for her fun teaching style and lucid writing style. Adored by her readers, it was her readers only that made her decide to be part of this online education group.

S.L. Arora

M.Sc.(Physics). Has a rich experience of about 30 years in teaching senior secondary and higher classes. He has authored many books on physics for secondary and senior secondary levels. Known for his crisp and lucid style of explaining the content, he is loved and equally respected by all those who come in contact with him.

Sandeep Arora

B.E. (Elec. & Telecom). Having an experience of about 17 years in the field of content development especially STM (Scientific, Technical and Medical) content. He’s known for transforming plain content to a treat to students learning buds. He has successfully launched and executed formal training setups in the past.

Rakesh Chhabra

M.Sc. (Computer Sc.) Mr. Rakesh Chhabra started his professional carrier in 1999, with 12 years experiance in IT Industry. Known for his sense of humor and dedication, he brings go-getter attitude to the team he is part of. He is fondly also known as Mr. Dependable.
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